14 Must ask questions Before you buy any HRMS Solution

Background of the vendor ?
1. Does your service provider have HR background?
2. Does the service provider have defined process to meet the committed SLA’s? How dynamic is     that process?
3. Is your HRMS vendor open to customization? Can they customize to align to your HR policy?
Set up time ?
1. What is the minimum time required to go Live?
Running and Maintenance ?
1. Will your vendor give you 366 * 24* 7 service?
2. How is the maintenance of the HRMS solution managed?
Special features ?
1. Can the software give reports / documents in Xls / Pdf format?;
2. Is Bulk upload possible via XLS format with the service?
3. Does the HRMS software have the features to configure Escalation matrix?
4. How the HRMS solution supports the organisation to retain talent?
5. Does solution allows capturing timely warning & appreciation?
6. Is HRMS future proof; is it on the Cloud?
7. Does HRMS give clarity of salary Tax projections & computation?
UpGrades ?
1. Does the HRMS solution Auto updates with new practices & compliances? To what level? How     fast?
Pricing ?
1. What will be the payment model? Do you pay for what you do not use?;
2. Does your company have to pay for every updates & upgrade?
Exit policy
How the data will be transferred? Will your developer help in knowledge transfer? How the confidentiality and privacy of the company maintained?
Ask yourself, among all the demos you have seen which one can give the best results, at the best price? Does the developer have the capacity to manage breakthroughs for the future?