Employee Tax Benefits

Zeta Optima

Optima is a suite of smart employee tax benefits that companies can offer to their employees as part of their pay structure.

Powered by Zeta’s digital platform, Optima digitizes the entire process of granting perquisites, claims and reimbursements to employees. It provides companies a digital dashboard interface to manage grants to all employees across locations instantly.

Optima benefits can be availed and used by employees via Zeta’s payment suite, which includes:

  • the Zeta app,
  • a MasterCard powered Zeta Super Card and / or
  • NFC powered Zeta Super Tag

The Zeta payment suite has a wide merchant-acceptance network and can be used across 11 lakh+ outlets and for online payments.

Optima’s suite of smart benefits are 100% compliant and can increase employee take home by Rs. 80,000 or more without adding any company costs. HR managers can also save up to 90% of their time and resources as all verifications and back-end processes are outsourced to Optima’s experts.

Zeta is ISO 9001, ISO 27001 and PCI DSS certified. All sensitive data is encrypted and the entire user experience is built around security.

Optima Meal Vouchers

Optima Meal Vouchers

Help your employees save tax on the purchase of food and non-alcoholic beverages with Optima Meal Vouchers. These 100% compliant digital meal vouchers offer the widest acceptance through our 3 lakh merchant network.

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What Optima Meal Vouchers can do for an organisation

  • Instant distribution
    Send meal vouchers to all employees in one go through the Optima digital dashboard
  • Completely customisable
    Design the perfect meal voucher programme for your organisation, keeping in mind company policies
  • No Storage
    Free yourself from the hassles and costs of storing paper vouchers.
  • 100% compliant
    Enjoy complete compliance with RBI and Income Tax norms.
  • Zero investment
    Spend no money to integrate Zeta into your system.
  • Completely secure
    Zeta does not interfere with your security protocols.
  • Environment-friendly
    Go green by ditching paper completely.

Why your employees will love Optima Meal Vouchers

  • Widest acceptance
    They can now spend their meal vouchers at over 3 lakh outlets.
  • Ease of Use
    Give them the convenience of using vouchers via the smartphone or via a card.
  • No bulky booklets
    Save them the hassle of carrying bulky paper booklets.
  • Long validity period
    Let them enjoy a long validity period of 3 years.
  • Merchant Directory
    They can locate outlets near them with Zeta’s intuitive merchant directory.
  • Tax benefits
    Help employees save upto 30% in taxes on their food purchases.

Optima Medical Reimbursements

Optima Medical Reimbursements

Digitise your company’s medical reimbursements programme with Optima Medical Reimbursements and go paper-free. Outsource bill verifications and get access to signed audit-ready digital reports and statements.

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What Optima Medical Reimbursements can do for your organisation

  • Paperless
    Go fully digital with this first-of-its-kind solution.
  • Full Control
    Define and customise your Zeta solution to match your company policy.
  • Safe Audits
    Save  medical bills for 7 years and say no to audit woes.
  • No Physical Storage
    Save space by maintaining all records online and trace them easily.
  • Digital Verifications
    Outsource your bill verification process to the Zeta experts.
  • Access Reports
    Easy access to reports on employee claims.
  • Save Resources
    Save time and manpower by outsourcing the entire process to Zeta.

Why your employees will love Optima Medical Reimbursements

  • No Saving Bills
    They will have the convenience of saving bills digitally via instant uploads.
  • No Paperwork
    They will have a hassle-free experience while submitting claims without any paperwork.
  • Claim Instantly
    They can claim bills promptly and on-the-go.
  • Easy tracking
    They can access updates and notifications on submissions through the Zeta app.
  • Convenience
    They have flexibility of use via the Zeta app or Zeta Super Card.
  • Tax Benefits
    They can easily save tax on Rs 15,000 p.a.

Optima Gift Card

Optima Gift Card

Send gifts in a click! Optima Gift Cards can help your employees save taxes on up to Rs 5000 a year. Your employees also get the added benefit of being able to spend anywhere through the Zeta app and the Zeta Super Card.

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What the Optima Gift Card can do for your organisation

  • Customisable
    Set parameters like amount, validity and stores at which the card can be used.
  • Faster
    Create and send your digital gift cards only in a few seconds.
  • No Logistical Hassles
    Enjoy transfers of gift cards to employees instantly.
  • Design
    Customise the look and add branding to the gift cards issued to employees.

Why your employees will love the Optima Gift Card

  • Choice
    They have the choice to spend their gift cards at over 11 lakh outlets.
  • Flexibility
    They have the freedom to spend their gift cards through the Zeta app or the Zeta Super Card.
  • Online Payments
    They can use the gift card to make online payments.
  • Tax Benefits
    They can save taxes on up to Rs 5,000 annually.

Optima Gadget Card

Optima Gadget Card

Keep your employees at the cutting-edge of tech and help them save on taxes too. Purchase of smartphones, tablets and computers with the Optima Gadget Card is 100% tax free.

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What the Optima Gadget Card do for your organisation

  • Customisable
    Define validity periods, whitelist gadgets and specify the outlets to buy from.
  • Outsource Verifications
    No manual verification needed as all bills are verified by Zeta.
  • Zero Paperwork
    Let Zeta prepare your statements and records.
  • Digital Reports
    View reports on claims and reimbursements in a few clicks.
  • Logistics Made Easy
    Digitally transfer reimbursements and allowances to employees across cities.
  • Cashback
    Cashback on purchases made at Zeta-preferred partners through the Zeta app.

Why your employees will love the Optima Gadget Card

  • Tax Benefits
    They can save up to 30% in taxes on the value of gadgets purchased.
  • Wide Acceptance
    They can use the Optima Gadget Card across at a host of outlets.
  • Works Online
    They can use it to make purchases at e-commerce sites through the Zeta app or the Super Card.
  • Claim with a click
    They will only need to upload a bill copy through the Zeta app or Zeta on Web to file claims.
  • Better Choice
    They can top-up their Zeta Cash Card and buy the gadget of their dreams with one swipe.

Optima Communications Card


Talking can help your employees save tax. This digital solution can be customised to include multiple prepaid and postpaid mobile connections, data card and broadband bills. It saves HR managers from the hassles of bill verifications and  statement preparations by outsourcing them to Zeta.

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What the Optima Communications Card do for your organisation

  • Paperless
    Manage claims digitally and never have to deal with paperwork.
  • Customisability
    Define and fix usage rules such as number of claimable connections per employee, maximum claim amount, etc.
  • Instant Transfers
    Transfer grants digitally to all  employees across offices in just one click through an easy-to-use digital dashboard.
  • No Manual Checks
    Save time and resources by outsourcing claim verifications to Zeta.
  • Digital Reports
    Download claim statements for an employee or a group.
  • Fully Compliant
    Enjoy 100% compliance with Income Tax and Information Technology Acts.

Why your employees will love the Optima Communications Card

  • Save on taxes
    They can save up to 30% in taxes on communications bills.
  • Instant Claims
    They will never need to fill claims forms while paying with the Zeta app.
  • Keep Track
    They can use the Zeta app and Zeta on Web to track reimbursement and claims on the go.
  • Versatile
    Through the Zeta app and Zeta on Web they can collect reimbursements as well as pay bills.
  • Bill Storage
    They can access bills, which are stored on Zeta’s servers for up to eight years any time.

Optima Fuel & Travel Card

Optima Fuel and Travel Card

Manage your employees fuel, car maintenance, insurance, chauffeur salaries and travel allowances with one digital programme. No longer restricted to one brand of fuel, your employees can rejoice too.

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What the Optima Fuel & Travel Card can do for your organisation

  • Instant Transfers
    Load credits and transfer them to your employees’ Fuel & Travel Cards instantly.
  • Customisable
    Tailor the programme to suit your company policies.
  • Bill Verifications
    Outsource bill verifications to Optima’s experts.
  • No Yearly Fees
    Free yourself from the hassles of paying annual usage fees.
  • Digital Reports
    Access individual as well as group reports and audit-ready statements prepared by Optima experts.
  • CNG/Electricity Bills
    Option to allow reimbursements of CNG expenses and power bills for electric vehicles.

Why your employees will love the Optima Fuel & Travel Card

  • Long Validity
    They can spend each fuel voucher over a period of three years.
  • Usage Flexibility
    They have the option to spend via the app or the Super Card.
  • No Saving Bills
    They can upload bills on-the-go and needn’t save paper bills anymore.
  • Convenience
    Their fuel grant are always with them on their phone or Super Card.
  • Expenditure Statement
    They can access all expenditure statement easily.

Optima Books & Periodicals Card

Optima Book and Periodicals Card

An employee tax benefits solution makes employees smarter. Digitally distribute grants to purchase books and periodicals and encourage your employees to read with the Optima Books & Periodicals Card.

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What the Optima Books & Periodicals Card can do for your organisation

  • Paperfree
    From records to employee reports and monthly  statements, using the Optima Books & Periodicals Card.
  • Instant
    Transfer grants instantly in a matter of seconds, enabling a seamless process.
  • Validation
    Save time and resources by outsource verification and approvals of claims to Optima’s experts
  • Skill Development
    Give your employees an incentive to read and hone their talents.
  • Customisable
    Add features and decide the limits of employee grants, book lists, etc.

Why your employees will love the Optima Books & Periodicals Card

  • Tax Saving
    They can save up to 30% in taxes on the purchase of books and periodicals.
  • Wide Acceptance
    They can use their Zeta Super Card or the Zeta app to shop online as well as at book stores.
  • Easy Claims
    They can upload bills through the Zeta app or Zeta on Web to file claims at any time.
  • Stay on track
    They use the Zeta app and Zeta on Web to track the status of their claims and reimbursements.