HRMS on Cloud

Opportune offering Enterprise HRMS on Cloud and SaaS [software as a service] has translated into key benefits to companies –


  • No additional hardware or software investments are required. In the traditional HRMS software implementation, the customer had to procure Server & licenses as per new software requirement.
  • No new or specialized IT skills required to be arranged. By opting S-a-a-S model on Cloud, customer saves these upfront costs. CFO likes the model since company does not carry financial risks.

Optimised OPEX

  • No maintenance costs towards upgrades & AMC.
  • The dependency on skilled IT resources will be eliminated for the customer.
  • Pay as per no. of employee usage. Higher the no. of employee lower the per head cost. With a SaaS/subscription-pricing model, you pay as you go and use.
  • HRMS has been designed such that companies could pick and choose functional modules depending on current relevance and business needs. It is just matter of enabling required modules as and when the need arises and business moves up the maturity ladder.

Effectively Managed Services

  • One version of software and same version of HRMS exists across all customers. No customer is left behind when the software is updated.
  • It reduces support-overheads but helps achieving higher service level SLAs & operational scalability.
  • With every customer on the same version of HRMS, everyone’s input moves the product forward for the good of everyone else.
  • And it’s the focused enhancement of single source line that makes the HRMS customer community so strong and satisfied.
  • Everyone works collaboratively & speaks the same language, bridging the gap to make a better solution.

Adherence to Latest Compliances

  • HR need not worry about configuring software for regulatory changes. Our team ensures timely updates of statutory & regulatory changes across all customers at the same time.


  • The solution architecture ensures that increase in no. of users can be supported thereby supporting Companies growth.

Data Protection

  • HRMS takes a holistic approach towards customer data protection, ranging from technical safety guards to understanding data privacy and compliance. And those safety guards are built into product and process.


  • HRMS protects your data with world-class physical, network, application, and data-level security. HRMS maintains program designed to ensure the security and integrity of customer data, protect against security threats or data breaches, and prevent unauthorized access to the customer data.

Sustaining Environment

  • The cloud is environment friendly. Data centers reduce energy consumption. Multi-tenant architecture promotes more efficient usage of computing resources. Overall helps Opportune contributing to society by reducing carbon emission.

Deployment View

SaaS Process