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Mr. Dhwani Mehta


Mr Dhwani Mehta is a maverick and a visionary. About a decade ago, he was a master gamer and a tech crunchy who was discovered by HR industry. He started creating automation solutions for Indian HR scene and soon founded Opportune Technology Pvt. Ltd with a vision to empower HR with new age solutions.

He is recognized as a thought leader shaping the future HR Automation industry in India.

He says, “We want HR to play an important role in the Boardrooms. Our automation solutions must free them from operational hassles and empower them with decision making support systems.

We are here not just to create software’s but a better work culture in India!”

He has successfully deployed HR enterprise solution in various verticals across industries. Having in-depth knowledge of HR process, Payroll, taxations, regulations and compliances — he is often sought by clients for consultations to improve and implement strategies in these areas.

He build the company from scratch (Which now employs hundreds of people in offices across India as well as abroad) and vouches for the Human resource as ‘the core’ resource’ for any business.

At Opportune Dhwani strategically focuses on

  • » Domestic & International Marketing, Sales and Customer Relationship management.
  • » He continues to development vendor partner network for various specialized technology & domain supports required for various complex HR Automation projects.
  • » Oversees organizations Finance and operations.

Has been Keynote speaker at various conference on HR & Automation

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Mr. Pankaj Shah

dhwani-mehta [Director Speaks]

Mr. Pankaj Shah is the source of technological intelligence at Opportune. A stalwart with 25 years of experience in IT industry, he is co-founder of Opportune Technologies since 2009.

Pankaj has hard core technical work experience with companies like Tech-Mahindra, Syntel, Infrasoft Technologies and National Stock Exchange IT. He also worked onsite in UK, US, Canada on various international assignments. He has headed Software Delivery Operations with of 200+ resources.

He is thorough software professional and has been instrumental in achieving ISO certifications as well as lead CMM Level 5 assessment in his past organizations.

He has also worked on developing various software IP assets. He has extensive experience in domains like Manufacturing, Telecom, Banking, Capital Market, Financial Services, HR and Project management.

His approach to technology is: “The technology must help human beings by simplifying processes. It must extend human capacity to make better decisions and improve productivity”.

And he practices it every single day in every single decision. What makes Opportune solutions so simple and empowering to use is, the rigorous work ethics that his team follows in creating and developing the solutions.

Pankaj Shah strategically focuses on

  • » Architecture and Design of enterprise HRMS offered on S-a-a-S and deployed over cloud.
  • » Providing architectural vision to take solution to the next level. Strategic direction, IP development
  • » Sales & Marketing support, define Product Road Map, monitoring software development, Quality & delivery of software services. By personal involvement he strives for customer delight for Opportune’s services with effective resource utilization.
  • » Established Software Product Development Lab OppLab-Logo-Options6a
  • » Setting processes for Customer Support opp-care
  • » Implementation of IOT for real time integration of access devices using ADIS
  • » Has been Keynote speaker at various conference on – Futuristic Approach on HR Process Automation

Mr. Shamik Vora


Mr. Shamik Vora is an HR thought leader, often called ‘Humane Resource expert’ in the HR industry. His deep understanding of human emotions and aspirations puts him in a league apart.

With more than 25 years of work experience ranging from operational to strategic roles, his understanding of human resources in business scenario is deep and wide.

Mr. Vora follows, 5E model of HR Service delivery. These 5Es are, Envision, Engage, Execute, Evaluate and Evolve.

He applies this model to all the service delivery areas of HR, starting from Resource Planning to Reward planning and compliance to competency development across value chain of the organization. 5E methodology, ensures superior ROI on people investment. He is also a certified DISC evaluator.

Since Mr. Vora has come up from ranks and crossed maze of various industries, he has a unique understanding of the workforce from process flow and productivity linked cultural issues angles.

His experience spans over all the functions of HR like

  • » Human Resource Planning
  • » Talent sourcing
  • » Learning & Development
  • » Performance Management
  • » Compensation & Benefits planning
  • » Compensation & Benefits administration
  • » Statutory Compliances
  • » Drafting policies for each functional area of HR

Key feature of Mr. Vora’s efforts has been moving all the processes on to Technology. This ensured that focus of HR efforts remained strategic and developmental.
Mr. Vora is currently working on a project to create a very cost effective DIY cum self-service HR platform for SME segment.