Employee Care – Leave Management System

”I feel stressed out working for long hours, I desperately need a break now”

Many of us must be familiar with above mentioned phrase being commonly used in offices to describe an inherent need in employees to take a break from mundane tasks of day to day office work. For a management of any company, such a situation provides an excellent opportunity to portray themselves as an employee caring company by designing leave policies to suit employee needs.
With evolving times and increasing competition among corporate vying for limited talent pool of employees, HR needs to play decisive role by formulating leave policies which are employee friendly in nature with room for customization as per individual needs. Satisfied employee results in enhanced productivity and loyalty.

Following are the main highlights reflecting change in HR leave policies:

1. 5 Days a week policy:
Most of the corporate todays are eventually shifting to 5 day work week policy which motivates an employee to put in his complete efforts for 5 days a week and fully unwind for 2 days a week. Employees are very satisfied with this welcome change which provides them ample time to pay attention to their personal and social lives.

2. Maternity & Paternity Leave:
Under this policy, any female employee can avail to 3 to 6 months of maternity leave to completely cater to needs of new born baby without any strain on finances. On the same line, any male employee becoming father can avail paternity leave for 7-14 days to provide much needed support to the family in such times.

3. Flexible leave policy:
Under this policy, an organization allows its employees to avail given no.of public holidays as per their comfort out of exhaustive list of holidays. This option provides you to select holidays to suit your religion / culture / vacation plans. With 21 paid leaves, 7CL & 7 SL gives employee an opportunity to unwind and pay proper attention to his household chores too.

4. Leave management platform
With advent of information technology in every field of business, how can leave application system for employee be left behind? IT platform allows employees to apply for leave in advance thereby assisting them in better planning for their vacation and travel. Employees can look at their leave balances especially in sub categories along with an update on company events.

5. Transparency through leave platform
Apart from above mentioned benefits, an IT platform also provides complete transparency in terms of no of leave availed by any employee irrespective of the level or grade, an employee is working in. this removes any chance of misrepresentation of leaves and manual interference or influence by hierarchy above or below.

6. Special situations leave
Such leaves are nowadays very commonly available in corporate institution. It is applicable only in extra ordinary circumstances such compassionate leave, leave for bereavement for close family person, marriage leave, home country or town travel leave.

7. Special employee care
This leave is especially applicable in case of senior employee or employees who have worked for the same organization for 10 years or more. In such leave cases, employees after working for so long in their respective roles wants to take a long break from office work for period of 6 months generally up to 2 years.

Looking at modernization of IT Leave Management systems along with leave customization, one thing can be said surely that today corporate institutions continuously strive to support its staff in maintaining harmonious work life balance which in turn increases productivity levels resulting in higher and sustainable profits for the company.