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Recruitment / Talent Acquisition Management

Opportune’s E-Recruitment / Talent acquisition solution helps an organization to identify & create right pool of talent to provide impetus to the growth, whether they are high volume, salaried or contract basis. The biggest challenge in this function is to screen through resume & interview details of numerous candidates, to maintain an orderly database to decide upon right skilled candidates. This whole selection process is highly cumbersome in absence of efficient system.

Opportune’s efficient Talent acquisition system lets you define your own recruiting processes and activities. It includes pre-screens, candidate reviews, interviews, assessments, pre offer checklists, offers, background checks, etc. You can also include your own custom activities in the workflow.

Creation of Job description [JD]

Opportune’s Talent acquisition management system allows HR managers to create comprehensive Job Description for a given profile. It ensures that every job description contains core competencies that are aligned with organizational goals. It can configure as many custom job descriptions as you want.

Posting JDs on company website & job portals & sharing with Recruitment firms

The system allows you to post JDs on company as well as on careers’ website for the job consultants’ or recruitment firms’ direct access. Publish your job listings directly from Opportune’s eRecruitment to your career page & leading job portals. Easy-to-use configuration ensures your branding is kept consistent throughout.

Uploading of application

Candidates can easily search listings & apply online for the job and upload their resume which will be stored in the system’s database.

Status update with application tracking system

Opportune’s application tracking system can shortlist the suitable candidates through screening process. Candidates are allotted for final round of interviews to certain teams for placement. The system automatically notifies hiring managers or approvers of the actions they need to take to move a candidate through the process & thus, minimize days to hire by squeezing out unproductive wait times by sending email reminders & sms alerts for communicating their decision about candidate’s shortlist /call for interview / hold / offer release / selection / rejection with interviewer’s comments as feedback.

HRMS Connect

Opportune’s Talent acquisition system is integrated with all other HRMS modules. It can automatically transfer all the details of candidates who have successfully cleared selection process to HRMS employee database.

Analytics and Reporting

With its comprehensive reporting and analytics, management can run strong data analysis to create hiring projections instead of simply filling job openings throughout the year and thus, from the large database of the prospective employees who have applied online & uploaded their resume, the system can retrieve the suitable skills set, as & when required. It also provides MIS & dashboard at various levels which brings important data and trends to light on different positions, open & close position status. The system also releases pre-determined templates for offer letter to candidates who have successfully cleared selection process and also generates reports for tracking CVs & postions.

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