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Opportune Technologies Time & Attendance Management module is a full featured solution that allows you to have thorough attendance planning, review & control over time management of your organisation. The solution allows improvising of employee time tracking, shift scheduling & reporting.

Time & Attendance Overview

Over a period from the age of industrialisation to today’s Internet world, time & attendance still remains a critical function & even concern for every HR

Thanks to OppLab-Logo-Options6a Time and Attendance solution, customer has achieved 100% peace of mind when it comes to recording employee’s time & attendance records

Capture Time & Attendance Records

Opportune’s Time & Attendance system can be integrated with customer’s existing time / attendance recording device like Biometric / Access Card devices. It has options to Manual upload attendance data or attendance can be auto-generate based on company policy & data from leave system

Biometric Integration: If you are using a biometric machine or any other attendance automatic marking system in your company then Opportune can automatically import and process your attendance data in a variety of formats. Option to review & resolve discrepancy due to punch error can be simply done by viewing the Punch record history for the employee

Manually upload Attendance: This functionality allows you to upload the attendance of all the employees in one go. This function is of great help for organisation where major employee strength is on field work.

Attendance Rules

Opportune’s Time & Attendance system can configure and customise the Attendance rules module according to your organization HR policies.

Attendance Module has flexible options and allows you to maintain

  • Multi location Holiday list, define Optional Holidays
  • Shift & Manpower planning
  • Set minimum working hours for half day, extra working rules, late coming and early go policy

Shifting scheduling / Roaster

With employee empowerment, flexi timing & HR designing employee friendly policy, flexibility is the need for the hour, this makes shift planning even more complex.

Opportune easy to use shift planning function gives extensive flexibility to the shift planner. When it comes to shift planning for manufacturing company to Retail industry, Service industry to a process outsourcing company, Opportune shift management module can handle wide variation from creating multiple shift, break shift, weekly rotation policy and monthly / quarterly manpower plans

Time & Attendance controller

Opportune’s Time & Attendance controller function, easily manages your employees’ attendance and simply find out their in-time, out-time and the total number of hours worked. It will capture every entry and exit data of your employees and automatically calculates the total number of hours worked. All time & attendance rules can be set for early go, late coming, half day, extra working policy & break shifts.

Various reports can be exported for MIS, based on the filters & sorting criteria available

The time & Attendance various reports is a jewel in the module, this allows the manager to review the deviation in shift & working hours against the man power planned for the day / week / month.

My Attendance

With Opportune’s Web based Time & Attendance software, employee self service feature allows to view or track employee attendance even from remote location, along with an option to regularizing of time & attendance

Managers can effectively track their team, time and attendance with the help of real-time dashboards from anywhere & thus can minimize loss due to employee downtime.

Manager can regulate the working hours and keep an eye on employee whereabouts while understanding the reason about their frequent late come & early go. It can also eliminate unapproved overtime. It is also very effective where people are working in various shifts as it calculates the total working hours of an employee.

Attendance reports / MIS / Alerts

Opportune’s Attendance Management system enables you a color-coded tabular charts or summary sheets on total number of employees, number of employees present, number of employees present / absent.

Get daily attendance reports for individual employees, department wise and locations wise. User can select the date range and view the attendance trend. While manager can view this trend for his/her subordinates / HR Coordinator can see for concerned Departments/locations.

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