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Why the need for travel expense management software?

Opportune is among the few HRMS systems to satisfactorily take care of field force attendance requirements. As we conquered that area, we discovered, expense management is another area of discomfort. Big sum of money is involved in travel expenses and any delay creates concern.

So we created the claim management software which is making the life easy for everyone, management as well as employees.

Domestic Tour & Travel and local Expense Claims

Local conveyance and travel expenses are incurred by employees for business purpose, predominantly by Sales and Field Staff.

The cost towards travel expenses are substantially huge. Depending on the nature of business & type of work the travel related claims have been more than 100% of the salary cost of an employee.

There are many challenges – tracking approved travel requisition, to verify if the claims are as per travel guidelines, to check whether claim forms & workflows are adhered for.
It’s important to keep employees motivated to travel for office work. If they have to follow for the money spent by them it adds to their non-productive time. Any delay in disbursement of money also becomes a concern. Generally this happens due to incorrect travel & claim data & systems which are not sophisticated enough to handle the claims in a easy way.

Opportune claim management software for domestic tour & travel offers a complete & easy solution, thus making life easy for the employee, manager, accountant & the management from day to day claim chaos.

Local Travel and Expense Claim

When the travel & expenses are done within the city limit it is ‘Expense Claims’.

When the travel is for one day, say approx. 200 km from the base location, we may also call it uptown travels – this is defined as ‘Local Travel’.

Opportune claim management software system allows to configure local conveyance in terms of per Kilometre charges, depending upon mode of own vehicle type like 2 wheeler or 4 wheeler.

Alternatively system also allows to select vehicle hire / cab/ bus/ auto / train mode where daily amount up to upper limit can be claimed. All these configurations can be set as per grade.

Our claim management software system also allows to configure the entitled monthly upper limit, as per Grade, for all domestic + Upcountry + Local Travel.

Travel & claim module comes with Employee request workflows & managerial approvals – Employee can submit daily local travel claim to reporting manager even using an iPAD or a TAB. Post reporting manager approval, system directs the claim to finance for its verification / approval.

Domestic Travel Requisition and Claim

This feature addresses tour claim where an employee travels within country either overnight or same day return, for official purposes.

Employee can put up a Domestic travel requisition request through our travel claim management software, putting travel dates and city. He can also provide cost estimates of travel, boarding, lodging and any other local conveyance expenses and request for the advances.

The requisition goes through workflow of approval. First to Reporting manager and then for verification/ approval by Finance to disburse advances.

Post travel, employee can put up a tour expense claim for each travel expense type, like domestic travel, boarding and lodging, local conveyance and any other expenses.

Opportune claim management software allows to configure domestic travel policy as per grade, like type of travel mode AIR (Economy/Business) or Train (AC/ 1st Class)/ Bus etc.

System also allows configuring eligibility for the lodging allowances depending upon grade plus type of city. User can opt for per diem option where per diem allowances can be configured for grades and the city type.

System keeps track of claims against advances to ensure proper settlements like payment or recovery.

It really changes a lot for the organisation. The employees can focus on their core duties and work without worrying about the expense claims. Because the claim management software makes everything systematic. The approvals are in place. The expense limits are well defined and there is no confusion.

Thus ensuring Happy Travelling, and better productivity!

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