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Opportune web based payroll management software from OppLab-Logo-Options6a is uniquely design keeping in mind various payroll managers, Auditors, HR & management entities involved.

We at opportune understand employees sensitivity towards salary. CFO, payroll managers & Auditors challenge towards compliance. Managements view in terms of the companies ROI per employee and but natural achieve the HR core goal of employees satisfaction.

Payroll Overview

Opportune web based payroll management module allows companies to generate accurate payroll & various challans easily and effortlessly. The system automatically calculates all taxes on the employee’s pay slips and assists the employer to comply with all statutory requirements like PF, ESIC, PT, LWF, Gratuity and Bonus. Employer & employee can access up to date payroll data anytime over the web.

Payroll Configuration

Opportune Payroll allows companies to configure salary structure grade wise and location wise as per their company policy.

Opportune Payroll is integrated with employees leave module, generating accurate paid days, which is the primary input for accurate payroll generation.

Payroll Generation

Companies can generate payroll location wise, department wise, publish salary and generate online pay slips and Bank NEFT statement, track employees disbursement & hold cases. Full & Final settlement can be done with utmost ease.

OppLab-Logo-Options6a has designed very simple & user friendly employee self service [ESS] module. ESS allows employees to upload investment declaration online, check individual tax project & computation, employee advances / loans, expenses claim, reimbursements & ADHOC / variable pays. Form16, e-TDS generation is done on click of button.

Increment & Arrears calculation

Increment management module allows publishing of salary increment date & setting of disbursement date of incremented salary. Compute the arrears because of increment & allows release on the set dates.

Arrears calculation due to additional working / over time [OT], leave discrepancy and its effects on PF & ESIC arrears can be seamlessly done using Opportune Payroll management module .

Incentive management module is an integrated part of Opportune Payroll, which helps in incentive calculations, track disbursement, manages loans & advances against incentives earned. Tax calculation on earning from incentive is also part of TDS calculation & Form 16.

Reporting, MIS & Accounting Integration

MIS are available department wise; location wise, across business functions, cost center wise for payroll managers, HR & management, reports can be exported in various formats which can further be used for analytical & preventing payroll related frauds.

Opportune payroll supports integration with various accounting software like SAP, Microsoft Navision, Tally User rights & workflow can be configured in Opportune Payroll system

Opportune web based payroll management module, collects all relevant information in one place in electronic format, reducing mistakes by eliminating the need to synchronize and manage otherwise duplicate data which reduces the costs related to payroll management

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