Smart solution enabling smart skills [Study of Time & Attendance solution]

Smart solution enabling smart skills – A case study of Smart Time & Attendance solution, Cuckoo Tech

Complete solution offering Attendance biometric device seamlessly integrated over the cloud to ADIS enable Time & Attendance software, with all required configurable options

Easy to use, all device compatible solution, including mobile app supporting IoS, Android & Windows

Future of HR Automation

Opportune offers its Cloud HR platform services to customer, so as to improve its company work culture, that directly helps company achieve happy employees, better productivity, Happy customer & Self sustaining Business

Future HR Process Automation

At Opportune HRMS we understand for better transparency of process with the employees, improvement in employee engagement, increase in productivity, it is important to identify key HR process, create custom required process checklist & Automate the process. This helps the HR to free up for core HR activity. Identifying the correct HRMS platform, technology partner, seamless automation are also part of process & we call this Technology Hygiene. Moving to cloud & getting real time data, helps in faster & accurate discussion making, helps improvising the HR efficiency.

Case Study

Cloud based Time & Attendance [T&A] and
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