Time and Attendance a critical resource of HR function

Time & attendance

The cutting edge seamless Time & Attendance


Time is (BIG) money!

And everyone knows it. Despite the fact, over 40% of the organizations around the globe do not have automated timekeeping and are still engaged in sub-optimal timekeeping.

For any organization, Time and Attendance are an integral part of workforce management. Recent past has seen an increasing demand for smarter, automated and efficient Time and Attendance management tools. The market also offers a plethora of tools and techniques to ensure smooth, error free and easy to use solutions for capturing and analyzing this data. So let’s understand why a sound system for time and attendance management is the need of the hour.


The simple answer is “Enhancing Productivity”!!


With an ever increasing economic pressure on businesses and the need to survive the cut throat competition, it is imperative that companies ensure efficient utilization of their resources; a large chunk of which is human capital. A forward thinking, intuitive and thoughtfully designed Time and Attendance interface can exponentially enhance the productivity of employees.


A tool as powerful and futuristic can undoubtedly:


  1. Enhance Employee Utilization By Displaying Clearer Picture:

This helps managers and senior leadership to allocate tasks to individuals and groups based on the bandwidth available. It also helps release bandwidth of certain individuals who may be overloaded thereby making them appropriately engaged. Certain such individuals may also be rewarded for their extra effort.

Happy and motivated employee tends to be more productive. A detailed analysis of resource utilization and corrective measures can help managers improve their bottom line margins. Now, who wouldn’t want that?


  1. Strengthening Workflows

If a proper analysis in done on the time logs of individuals and groups, it can also help showcase certain lags in processes and workflows within the organization. This data can help organizations and teams refine certain processes and workflows for increasing efficiency and thereby productivity; which somehow is missing with manual timekeeping. Not only a Time and Attendance tool will eliminate lags but will also undeniably enrich the productivity!


  1. Augment Accountability And Diminish (Read Exterminate) ‘Time Wasters’

A systematic time and attendance management will ensure all In-times, out-times, break times and leaves are captured which in turn ensure that employees feel responsible and accountable for the work that is assigned to them. A ticking clock also ensures that employees give in the maximum possible time to productive work and do not indulge in time wasters or time thefts like extended or more number of breaks, proxy attendance, arriving late and leaving early.

An automatic Time and Attendance Management tool not just has a strong positive impact on productivity, efficiency and compliance but also lessen the burden of the HR team by capturing accurate data and processing the same for leave and payroll management. The self-service access empowers employees to plan and schedule their work, vacations and leaves well in time to ensure efficient backups are in place and business still flourishes!

There are too many perks of having a Time and Attendance tool for your workforce. A few, we have told you; a few, we wait to hear from your experience!


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